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Things To Do While Waiting For College Admission Decisions

Posted on Dec 19, 2019
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You have finally pressed ‘submit’, and all those months of preparation and anxiety seem to flash before your eyes. The waiting period for your dream colleges to finally make a decision is something every student goes through. This period is riddled with fear, dread, anticipation and so many unspeakable emotions. Here are some things you can do while waiting for your acceptance letter.

1. Don’t overthink

First and foremost, don’t think about what could’ve been done and stress over the tiniest details. It is of course, only natural to feel anxious but once the application is sent, it is out of your control. There is no point in fussing over things you can’t change now.

2. Stay Calm

Maintain a calm posture and let only positive vibes in. Sometimes, it takes time for the letter to reach you. So, even if your friends might have gotten theirs, don’t stress and compare yourself to others. Everything that happens, happens for the best. Believe in yourself and don’t give in to the negativity. It all depends on your fate and a little bit of luck!

3. Keep up with the application process

Check up on your emails or any notifications from the colleges you have applied to. Monitor the process so as not to miss any important deadlines. Sometimes you might need to add a teacher’s recommendation or scores that you have been waiting on. The colleges also might require some documents missing in your application. Look out for all such things and make sure your application is moving forward.

4. Address the anxiety

To get over that anxiety you are feeling, try to distract yourself with other tasks. Focus on school activities or indulge in your hobbies. Once you stop thinking about the admissions, your mood will automatically get better. Don’t neglect your commitments and stick to your normal schedule. Medication and yoga are some of the solutions that have proved to be beneficial in coping up with stress and worry.

5. Focus on school and studies

Don’t abandon your studies just because you are sure of getting in. Some colleges have canceled admission because of bad grades or behavior. So, just because you are done with planning for the future, doesn’t mean you have to neglect your current responsibilities. While you are waiting on the decision, carry on with your school life as you normally would. This is your final year. So, make the most of it by focusing on school activities and grades.

6. Research

Continuing research even after the application is sent is as important as the research done beforehand. Go through the official website and other sources carefully to look for facilities like accommodation, scholarships, job/ internship opportunities, campus vibe, etc. It doesn’t simply end at getting into your dream college, you need to look further at the institution you will be spending the next few years in.

7. Dealing with negativity and moving on

And while staying positive is crucial, you also have to be ready and prepare yourself for the prospect of being rejected. Not everything will go your way and while it is okay to feel sad, you need to remember that this rejection is just a stepping stone and does not define you in any way. Now the important thing is looking at other options and what can be done. To cope up with rejection, here is a blog post that might help you- https://www.reachivy.com/blog/how-to-face-university-rejection

Your hard work will definitely pay off and no matter what decision the college selection committee takes, this is going to help in your personal growth and development