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ReachIvy’s take on how to keep your new year resolutions

Posted on Jan 02, 2020
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What’s a new year resolution?

A new year resolution is when a person resolves to change his/her behavior to accomplish a personal goal or improvement in their life. It’s an old tradition that reminds you to change yourself and create a better lifestyle and a happy environment around you. A resolution can be anything that will help you grow, for example, get fit and into shape, travel and explore the world, study abroad, overcome some fear, etc.

To create such new year’s resolutions, self-reflection comes into play! This type of reflection helps you learn about yourself and what you are capable of and not capable of. This reflection is like a tool that helps you analyze what challenges and obstacles you faced in the past year and how can you tackle them in the coming year.

Making time to consciously review every aspect of your life at the end of the year is important. This helps you grow into a better human being and helps you to tackle next year’s challenges with ease.

How can you review and reflect on the past year?

Well, you will need to scan through the past events in your calendar or look through all your social media accounts and sit back and think of moments through the years. After, scanning the year gone by, you will need to list down the problems you faced and how you could overcome it. You will also need to ask yourself questions like did I maintain a good work-life balance? What did I accomplish this year? Was I a good human being?

You will also need to perform a SWOT analysis on yourself to identify your strengths and weakness over the past year. Identifying your threats in the last year acts as a fear that prevented you from achieving your goals.
You should also list down all the lost opportunities as it can be a new beginning in the coming year. These opportunities could be with respect to networking with people, starting a business, competitions, etc.

After you analyse yourself, remember to categorize all the failure and accomplishments. Try to create a strategy on these failures for the next year so you don’t repeat them.

How you should accomplish your resolutions every year?

  • Keep your resolution simple and realistic
  • Turn your resolution into a habit
  • Keep a tracker every month you check your progress
  • Treat yourself on each progress
  • Don’t give up and always believe in yourself
  • Make Notes of the challenges and obstacles you are facing
  • Here are some questions you must ask yourself at the end of the year or for the beginning of next year

    End of the year
    1) What have you accomplished in the past year?
    2) What mistakes have you made and how did you try to correct them?
    3) Important lessons you learned in the past year?
    4) What were the obstacles you faced while achieving your yearly goals?

    Beginning of next year
    1) Have I designed/ aligned my resolution goals?
    2) How can I achieve more in the coming year?
    3) Have I listed down the failures and worked on solutions to tackle them?

    Lastly, I like to quote what Kelly Martin once said: “Remove ‘SHOULD’ from your vocabulary this year.” Always keep a can-do attitude and you will surely reach new goals and heights this year.
    Happy New Year!