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Ivy League Colleges that offer a degree in LLM

Posted on Feb 12, 2020
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A Masters in law is a post-graduate degree that allows a graduate to specialize in the legal sub-stream. The eligibility for the Master’s program is an undergraduate degree or a professional program. Pursuing Masters in law gives the student an advantage to brush up his skills and gain knowledge through various classroom teachings and research.
Here are some Ivy League Colleges That offer a degree in LLM-

Harvard School of Law
Harvard’s LLM program is a 1-year post-graduate degree that enrolls around 180 students from various countries. This degree is highly competitive as Harvard receives over 1500 applications every year. The admission committee reviews the applicant’s grades, LoRs, achievements, and interest in the particular law field.

Columbia Law of School
Columbia School of Law offers students a general LLM degree with vast freedom of specializations. The college focus on preparing students to be leaders in fields of business, judiciary, corporate policies and so on.
An interesting part of this program is that students get a chance to sit with J.D students in the classroom. The objective behind this is to bring fresh ideas to the classroom. Students pursuing LLM from Columbia also get a chance to participate in pro bono cases and get a chance to take courses in Columbia Business School and School of International & Public Affairs.

Cornell School of Law
Cornell School of Law is a 1-year program that helps students to increase their understanding of American legal principles. The Program enrolls around 100 students from over 1000 applicants. The LLM students at Cornell get a chance to enroll in courses with J.D students and participate in student organizations.
The requirement for this course is Resume, LoRs, IELTS/TOEFL, a degree in law from outside USA.

Yale School of Law
The LLM program at Yale focuses on students who are committed to a career in teaching law. The program doesn’t prepare students for the New York state bar exam. The LLM program offered at Yale is a small size program i.e 25 students enrolled from 30 different countries.

University of Pennsylvania Law School
The LLM program at Pennsylvania law school is a one-year extensive program focusing on where students get a chance to focus on a specialized subject. The program enrolls around 120 students from over 1000 applications. The LLM students also get a chance to enroll for courses at Wharton business school and for a law certificate. This law certificate is a program taught to LLM students by industry experts and Wharton faculties. Students at Penn Law also get a chance to work with J.D students for various activities.

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