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How volunteering and community service helps build your MBA profile

Posted on Nov 01, 2019
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Some people enjoy serving the community and applying for volunteering services. The feeling of doing something good for the society is incomparable. By taking this passion to the next level by joining an MBA program, you are able to continue this selfless act on a professional level. Studies show that people who participate in community activities and volunteer in such organizations have a better potential and chance of getting into top business schools and having a successful career. Here are some of the reasons why-

  • Shows that you are passionate about activities outside classroom
  • Community service displays your passion of caring for others and contributing to the society’s welfare. It shows your unique potential of being selfless and active participation in activities outside classroom walls. Business schools look for students with exceptional extracurriculars apart from academic background. Volunteering is a great way to let them know about your interests. But do not forcefully participate, just because it looks good on paper. Find your true passion and immerse yourself in it

    • Demonstrates Learning potential

    Your position and role at the organization you are volunteering at also creates a great impact on your resume. It demonstrates that you are capable of taking initiative and acting on your ideas. It shows that you are responsible and capable of managing people. It also highlights your communication skills and ability to get along with others. It can make you stand out from the other thousands of applicants with similar academic and professional background

    • CBalance between different activities and Time management skills

    Being a student and handling multiple tasks outside school is not an easy job. Many students often struggle with finding the perfect balance. But since you have managed to maintain your grades along with other activities, it proves that you have great time management skills. Volunteering is not an easy task especially along with school work. This further helps in making a good first impression as it demonstrates community awareness and personal passion

    • Networking

    You can build relationships with people who share similar interests through volunteering. These contacts would be invaluable in your personal as well as professional life. The networks that you build now will come in handy when you are seeking for any kind of guidance. You would not have any problem approaching them as they share the same values and interests as you.

    • Can be taken up as a career choice

    For someone who is extremely passionate about community service and wants to make it their life’s work, MBA is a great value-added to your profile. It equips you with the knowledge of how businesses operates and hones leadership skills. You can easily open up your own NGO or influence from a higher position in an existing one. If these are your plans, you have already proven that you are striving hard to achieve your career goals

    Not everyone might be interested in community service, but you can’t deny the value it adds to your profile. So, if you are even thinking about joining an NGO, simply act on it. You won’t even realize how important it might be from a future perspective