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Creative Ways To Document Your Study Abroad Trip

Posted on Jan 07, 2020
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Studying abroad must be one of the most exciting adventures of your life. You have the chance to not only learning the assigned curriculum but also a different culture and language. Living in a strange country and learning about a totally different part of the world is a life-changing experience. And make sure you don’t miss out on documenting these delightful memories is as crucial as experiencing them. Here are some creative ways in which you can keep a record to look back at this wonderful time after returning to your hometown.

Going old-school, writing your thoughts down might be one of the best ways to document experiences and re-live it later. Sit in a comfortable place, maybe a coffee shop and just let your thoughts flow. You are able to express things better on paper than saying it out loud. So, don’t forget to carry a small notebook or journal wherever you go.

Bring out your inner Bresson
Pictures and videos are another great media to document your trip. Pictures are known to capture the essence of the moments. You carry a small digital camera or take pictures directly from your phone if it is of good quality. Want to do something unique? Take Polaroid pictures. Capture anything that interests you – the locals, the food, architecture, etc. Maintaining a vlog or a video diary can also add a personal touch.

Start a blog
If you are someone who likes to write but also procrastinates a lot, starting a blog page might be an excellent idea. Attempt to publish at least one blog a week and force yourself into the habit of writing regularly. Writing on a public platform such as a blog can also help other people who are confused about studying abroad and what it entails.

Take audio recordings
If you are not much of a writer or photographer, take audio recordings on tape or your phone. Voice notes are a great way to save time and hassle. Listening to your own voice after a few months or so will bring a sense of nostalgia that no other medium can.

Make memory jars
A memory jar is basically a representation of all your memories in a miniature format. You can put in small notes, a simple brief description of the particular event. Memory jars are low cost and the perfect medium for busy travelers.

Collect mementos and charms
Small artifacts and mementos are a great way of literally carrying a piece of the place with you. What you can also do is make a charm bracelet but without the ready-made charms. Collect individual charms from different places and put them all together in one bracelet.

Buy postcards
Postcards or stamps are unique to each landmark and act as great memorabilia. They are aesthetically pleasing and your wallets will love it too! You can even keep in touch with your family and friends by personalizing you’re your card.

Bring Souvenirs back
The French word ‘souvenir’ literally translates to memory. Souvenirs are any items that are specific to particular locations and can’t be found anywhere else. For e.g. miniature Eiffel tower from France or a fridge magnet in the shape of Rome’s Colosseum.