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7 Ways How the Right Career Counseling Can Boost Your Career

Posted on Feb 14, 2019
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With the vast array of career decisions to be made by students and professionals alike, career counseling assists you in making the right one. However, this isn’t only that special uncle you go to when you need life advice – it offers several benefits other than just helping your decisions (or fixing your mistakes). Career counseling can help you achieve far more.

The Benefits of Career Counseling

  1. 1. Learn Where You Stand
  2. Before you make the big choices in life – whether it’s entering the job market or changing careers – it’s imperative to know where you stand – your strengths, weaknesses, skills and how they measure up in the real world against the competition. Without this knowledge, you’ll be left shooting in the dark. In fact, good career counselors will often also require you to take an aptitude test to determine keys areas and skillsets and help you work in that direction.

  3. 2. Know Your Options
  4. Based on what the career counselor learns about you from their sessions, your options will be made clear from the get-go. This does not merely come from things like a ‘Google search’, but the far more credible knowledge they possess about careers and the array of them available in the job market. The value of this advice is multi-fold considering that they would also know what the job market entails and how you can navigate this area.

  5. 3. Get Objective, Unbiased Advice
  6. Given that the career counselor has only one interest – your success in your career, the advice will come from a rational place free of personal preferences and biases. Simply put, while you would want to be a detective based on your fandom of Sherlock novels, the career counselor would evaluate your profile, strengths, find what roles best suit your interests and also weigh the scope for success, and finally advice you careers in the business analyst fields. The counselor facilitates a rational, realistic conversation about your career.

  7. 4. Goal-Setting (Long Term and Short Term)
  8. Goal setting has always been important for those looking to attain any degree of success in a career. Without this, you’re basically shooting arrows in the dark again. Given their extensive knowledge about careers and their advancement, career counselors help you set realistic goals and plan your career out – both long-term and short-term planning included. This benefits you as you move on in your career and have a definite path charted for you to work on, eliminating haphazardness.

  9. 5. Stand Out in a Crowd
  10. Ever get that feeling that you’re the same as a million others in the same job market? A career counselor can help you fix that – both the daunting fact and the feeling. With their depth of knowledge into how the job market works, a career counselor can prescribe critical action points to you about how to stand out in a crowd and present your skills and USPs as a brand does.

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