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5 High Paying Jobs in India to Make You a Millionaire

Posted on Sep 09, 2019
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Think millennials do not care about money? Think again – a recent study at San Diego University that surveyed high-school freshmen between 1971 and 2014 pointed out to the fact that 71% of the millennials said that making money was important, while only 55% of the baby boomers felt the same way about it. This also carries over to the tendency of people to prefer the high paying jobs.
Although career decisions should not be made solely on the basis of the pay, it is not crazy to go for and work towards jobs or careers that are high-paying if you are so driven. In fact, the potential salary in a given field is a valid factor to consider while planning your career.

To make that search a little easier for you, we have made a list of some of the highest paying jobs in India:

  1. 1. Anesthesiologist

  2. Responsible for administering and general or regional anaesthesia, an Anaesthesiologist’s job also includes monitoring the patient’s vital signs at all stages – before and after – the surgery. Given the challenges that this job brings, the pay also is seen to be extremely good, with a median salary of 12.2 Lakhs, and an upward range of 26 Lakhs.

  3. 2. Neurosurgeon

  4. Yes – another profession from the medical field makes the list. A neurosurgeon diagnoses and offers surgical treatment of disorders that relate to the nervous system of the individual. Experience is a great influencing factor in this job, with median salary being around 24.2 lakh rupees per annum.

  5. 3. Chief Executive Officer

  6. Being the highest-ranking role in an organization, that of a Chief Executive Officer is also a highly coveted one. In overseeing the company’s strategy, direction, and building and maintaining it in a sense, the job is deceptively challenging (who thought being a boss would be difficult, right?). Those at this position make a median salary of about 30 lakh rupees to 1.1 crores per annum.

  7. 4. Petroleum Engineer

  8. With a median salary of ~9 lakh rupees and an upward range of around 50 lakh rupees per annum, the job of a petroleum engineer is one of the highest paying ones in India, and abroad. As a field that is essential to world economy, petroleum engineers are quite in demand around the globe.

  9. 5. Data Scientist

  10. This is the only entry in this list that is here due to the growth that is predicted in this field. Sitting at a median salary of 6.1 lakhs and 19.08 lakhs per annum at present, this field of data science is expected to grow exponentially over the next decade. Candidates opting to fill in positions in this field will also see their work and pay grow just as much.

However, before you take the leap, please also note that a professional degree or program in one of these fields is not bound to take you as far as the highest paygrade is concerned. Most of these positions take several years of experience and study as well as excellent interpersonal skill that work in tandem with the job profile to produce some the highest paying jobs in the world. While we are still here, allow me to remind you once again – money, although valid, is not the best metric on which to decide what career to pursue.
If you’re struggling with what to take up next, some career counselling would do you good rather than going in blind for whatever pays the most regardless of your skillset.
*All salary ranges sourced from PayScale