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5 Best Ways to Make the Most Out of Business School

Posted on Dec 04, 2018
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You’ve gotten into a top business school, managed to find yourself the best education out there, ready come out a professional and disrupt the job market. A sense of accomplishment has grown all over you.
But allow us to be the killjoys here.
It’ll be wise, to not allow this single accomplishment to be viewed as the finish line. You haven’t quite crossed it yet; so, stay hungry. Now that you are at a top business school, you need to make the most out of it such that you emerge out of it the true product imbibed with sharp-witted business acumen.

Here are some top tips to help you make the most out of your time at a top business school:

  1. 1. Hit the Ground Running
    Part of keeping the excitement intact involves preparing for all that a B-school entails – not merely before you start, but much, much beyond that. Be in control of the syllabus and read up whatever needs to be read to stay in sync, if not ahead of the curve. It is essential to not get overwhelmed, and this is possible only in keeping abreast of the syllabus. Brush up your basics before b-school starts, get going with your assignments, and keep the spirit alive.
  2. 2. Don’t Let the Admittance Get to Your Head
    Yes, you been grinding hours, putting pen to paper and have finally proved your mettle. It’s natural to feel a sense of pride at this point. However, the tendency is to allow it to inflate your ego and cloud the long tales of ‘drive to learn and grow’ that you had spun in your application essays and interviews. Allowing your ego and pride to grow at this point merely clouds your initial purpose and is quite counterintuitive.
  3. 3. Keep an Open Mind
    This one directly follows from the last. In order to make the most out of all the diversity – both in terms of culture and profession – you need to keep an open mind. The typical candidate at an international B-school is ~26 years of age, with a good 3-4 years of work experience, meaning that they being to the table a variety of experiences that you imbibe and learn from – with an open mind, that is.
  4. 4. Manage Your Time, My Friend
    Given the nature of B-school and the emphasis on extra-curricular activity, it is easy to be overwhelmed and be working on a side project while you really should be doing that crucial assignment. You do not want to fall behind on anything important, and thus it is crucial to prioritize your tasks, assignments, projects or whatever it may be. You have deliberately given all that work so that you learn to work in teams, form connections and learn to work effectively under high-pressure.
  5. 5. Build Relationships, Grow Your Network
    Sure, a network is that all important professional facet that is essential to professional success; but it is also important to build relationships with people at the b-school. Imagine this – you have, studying with you, field experts with a good number of years in terms of experience; make the most of it, and work with them.

We hope that this blog worked as a resource to increase your MBA and Business School knowledge base and wish you the best for your future endeavors.
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