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Crack Top College Applications In 7 Easy Steps and Get That Admit

Cracking a top university application can be tricky – the application, complete with essays and entrance tests can be intimidating to many? However, a challenging as it is, you can start early and mould yourself in a manner to help you crack the application process. Here are our top 7 tips to help you out.READ THIS POST

5 Ways to Make the Best Use of Your Gap Year Before College

Taking a gap year before going for your next degree? It’s a choice among students that’s gaining popularity, and for good reason. Whether or not to make your gap year productive is up to you. At the end of it all, a productive gap year would mean you stand out from the herd of lay-graduates. Read on to know how to make that gap year count.READ THIS POST

All About Ivy League Colleges and Why Indian Students Should Aim for Them

Indian students often think that the Ivy League colleges are beyond their reach. Well, let’s bust that myth here. As Indians, you stand a good chance of cracking an admission to Ivy League schools. Why should you attend college there? We’ll tell you.READ THIS POST

Insider’s View on Organising Multi-Crore Festivals

Insider’s View on Organising Multi-Crore Festivals
Jun 05, 2018

Regularly stereotyped into the nerd category, there is much more to IITians than is popularly understood. They organize massive technical festivals with multi-crore budgets and simulate a perfect business environment every year. Read on to know an insider’s view on these massive fests.READ THIS POST

What Study Abroad Courses Can You Pursue After Your 12th Arts

Finding the right Arts program for you to study abroad after your 12th arts could get tricky. We list some popular courses abroad to help you in your search.READ THIS POST

Top Study Abroad Courses after 12th Science

Top Study Abroad Courses after 12th Science
May 22, 2018

With the number of options available to students after completing 12th Science, choosing an undergraduate study abroad program could prove to be quite challenging. Here is a list of the top undergraduate study abroad program choices.READ THIS POST

Why Plagiarizing Your College Application Essay Is Not a Good Idea

Swamped in tight deadlines, plagiarizing for your college application may seem like an easy way out. We tell you why this is a bad idea and the consequences it entails.READ THIS POST

Understanding Tier 4 Visa Rules For UK Study Abroad Applicants

Apr 03, 2018

Planning to study in UK? Then it is important that you understand the rules of Tier 4 Visas for study abroad applicants. However, things have finally eased up a bit for students planning to study in UK. Read this blog by ReachIvy experts to the Visa rules for studying in UK.READ THIS POST