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The Best of Commencement Speeches: Highlights 2019

Graduation is an exciting moment for every student and one of the best parts about the graduation ceremony are the commencement speeches. Here are highlights from the commencement speeches of 2019 to inspire you to dream big!READ THIS POST

How to Face University Rejection?

Did not get accepted into your dream college? Feeling sad and disappointed? In the words of Henry Ford, “Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently”. Here are a few tips on how you can get over this feeling and try again!READ THIS POST

How Do Extracurricular Activities Help Strengthen College Applications?

All top schools around the world look for a holistic profile while selecting candidates. To help you take a step further towards shinning brighter than other applicants, here are a few key points to consider.READ THIS POST

What’s the Campus Vibe? 4 College Experiences to Gauge Before Studying Abroad

Do you like the campus life in your preferred study abroad destination? Are the students, faculty, and resources on campus what you wanted? Don’t get stuck in a college you don’t fit in. Here are 4 points to bear in mind to the right choice of campus.READ THIS POST

Cultural Immersion Makes You Less Homesick: 5 Tips for Students Studying Abroad

Cultural Immersion is a crucial activity one must take up while studying in a foreign country. Studying abroad means being in an alien setting, and it is easy to find yourself unable to fit in and get homesick. However, cultural immersion can help you fix this. Here are the top five ways to immerse yourself in the local culture.READ THIS POST

Essay on Failure: How to Tackle This Tricky Question in College Admission Form

Writing an essay about failure for the college application is the trickiest job. Before you begin to craft your essay on failure, setback or challenges, make sure to understand what the college really wants from you.READ THIS POST

7 Reasons Why Singapore Is One Of The Best International Student Destinations In Asia

Singapore has grown into one of the most popular Asian study abroad destinations owing to top notch colleges, affordable education and its position as a global hub. But why should you study in Singapore? Here’s 7 of the many reasons why it’s the best international education destination for you.READ THIS POST

Need Blind Scholarship: What It Means and How You Can Fund Your Study Abroad

Need blind scholarship from Johns Hopkins University has put the limelight back on financing aid for study abroad. Learn what need blind scholarship is all about before you begin looking for student loans.READ THIS POST