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5 High Paying Jobs in India to Make You a Millionaire

5 High Paying Jobs in India to Make You a Millionaire
Oct 16, 2018

High paying jobs in India are also among the most sought-after ones. With careful career planning and work put in, you too can start earning a six-digit figure. Here are 5 such jobs that earn the most in India.READ THIS POST

What the One Page Elon Musk Resume Can Teach Career Aspirants and College Applicants

The one-page resume of Elon Musk has something to teach college students and job applicants. Here’s what you can learn from his example and create your wining resume.READ THIS POST

Top 6 MBA-Founded Start-ups to Watch Out For

Start-ups have grown to occupy a pivotal position in the economy. However, there are some start-ups founded by MBAs that truly look to change the world and make it a better place, plugging one void at a time. Read on to know our six top MBA graduate founded start-ups!READ THIS POST

Top 3 Tech Tips to Boost Your Career

Top 3 Tech Tips to Boost Your Career
Jun 28, 2018

Category Career Guidance

Technology is an essential part of our daily lives, yet very few know how to use it to supplement their career ambitions. Use it as a driving tool to gain that edge over everyone else today. Read on to know how to become that 21st century tech-savvy professional.READ THIS POST

Wallpapers and Steve Jobs

Wallpapers and Steve Jobs
May 26, 2018

Apple’s founder Steve Jobs’ most quoted lines are ‘stay hungry, stay foolish’. But what did he really mean? Why can’t one just ‘stay fulfilled’ and ‘stay smart’?READ THIS POST

Why We Need to Gear Up for the Challenges of the Future

Mar 27, 2018

At the IIT E-Summit 2018, there were many seminars discussing cutting edge technology. One such seminar conducted was on the future of Artificial Intelligence and how we need to gear up to meet the challenges of the future.READ THIS POST

Cheat Sheet of Top 20 Questions Asked by Investors at a Startup Meet

Feb 20, 2018

Entrepreneurs need to defend every question well when they want to raise money from angel investors. Prepare with answers to these top 20 questions.READ THIS POST

How to Make a Successful Career in Artificial Intelligence

Feb 13, 2018

Are you looking for a job or career in artificial intelligence? Here’s what you need to do to upskill yourself for the job.READ THIS POST