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Why Upskilling Is the Need of the Hour for the Indian Employee

Posted on Dec 11, 2017

The Indian Job Market is Changing In the past decade there has been a sea change in the job market scenario. With the growth of technology and digitization, jobs are getting highly specialized and automated. Consequently, there is a learning gap that needs to be addressed by the educational sector. Skilling employees is important not..READ MORE

5 Ways to Boost Your Employability By Going Digital

Posted on Dec 01, 2017

We live in a fast paced digital world. Every day, we hear of new tech disruptors changing the paradigm of work. In the new millennium, technology has enabled communication, connectivity, and systems management like never before. In such a changing world scenario, the new age employees need to have their sights set on being a..READ MORE

How Millennials Are Impacting Communication in The Workplace

Posted on Nov 22, 2017

Suits, meetings, handshakes? These are old news. In the millennial controlled workplace, the theme is casual. The English language has constantly been evolving since the days of Shakespeare. The Queen’s language has imbibed some of the flavors of its colonies. Words like ‘chutney’, or ‘guru’ are now a part of the Cambridge and Oxford dictionary...READ MORE

10 Reasons Why a Positive Attitude Will Help You Get a Great Job!

Posted on Nov 17, 2017

Which kind of workplace would you prefer to work in? A place where your colleagues give you negative vibes? Or would you rather work in a place where your team mates are gung-ho, upbeat, and enjoying life? Sheela, a business development executive, applied for a job in many companies. She had a decade of work..READ MORE

5 Golden Rules to Begin the Second Innings of Your Career

Posted on Oct 31, 2017

For many reasons, you may have wanted to take a career break. In the case of women, the common reason is that they have decided to get married, have kids, raise a family, go on a vacation, or recuperate from a long term illness. In the case of men who usually are the breadwinners of..READ MORE

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Click-Worthy? 8 Ways to Improve Your Profile

Posted on Oct 04, 2017

Some people believe that LinkedIn is just a social networking site with a briefcase. However, in the past few years, LinkedIn has emerged as the go-to destination for all business professionals, job seekers, industry gurus, and market watchers to see and be seen. According to analytics, LinkedIn has long been especially popular with college graduates..READ MORE

How Studying Abroad Helps You Launch Your Career in India and Abroad

Posted on Sep 29, 2017

The world around us is constantly evolving. Even as we speak, new technology is replacing old ones. What used to be lessons etched in stone have now become defunct and dated. The future managers of the world will be better poised to enhance their career, with an international program under their belt. Whether you are..READ MORE

5 Trends That will Shape the Future Workplace

Posted on Sep 12, 2017

ReachIvy founder Vibha Kagzi had the honor of paneling a discussion in the India HR Summit 3rd Edition, in Mumbai in September 2017. The topic for the discussion was “Trends that will Shape the Future Workplace.” What came out of the session left everyone in the room charged. The esteemed panelists, who came from different..READ MORE

How an International Education Equips You for the Future Workplace

Posted on Sep 07, 2017

The world is constantly changing with new technologies invading our lives. In the past decade alone, we have seen a world of change taking place in various platforms. Smartphone technology, digital revolution, introduction of Artificial Intelligence has permeated into the way we conduct business. The collateral effect of these tech disruptions are also impacting the..READ MORE

10 Personal, Academic & Career Benefits of Studying Abroad

Posted on Aug 08, 2017

You may wonder why so many covet an education abroad. Is an international degree worth the huge investment of time, money, and effort? We talked to over a 100 ReachIvy students who have graduated from reputed foreign institutions. Here are 10 personal, academic and career benefits they have gained from an international study program: Personal..READ MORE

Science, Commerce Or Arts: Which Stream Is Best For You?

Posted on May 18, 2017

What do I want to be when I grow up? A question we always had an answer to as a child but may struggle with as we grow older. There are an infinite number of career options open to us today.  In addition to the conventional roles, there are a number of unconventional opportunities also..READ MORE

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