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Reachivy Team

Feeling lost what to do next? Don’t worry our Founder felt lost too

When I first considered applying to a top school abroad, I felt lost. I was overwhelmed with a range of choices and a fundamental lack of access to the granular advice an expert mentor could provide to help me evaluate and understand all the options, find my fit and then navigate the intricate application process.

Neither my parents nor my family members had studied abroad, so we were all clueless on what steps to take. At that time, detailed inputs from friends, experts and professionals demystified a seemingly impossible process for me, which made me realize that expert guidance can take someone a long way. I knew there was a strong void in the market, especially for exceptional students trying to find their paths.

So, after I graduated from Harvard Business School, I moved back to India to found ReachIvy, a premium education and careers advisory. I wanted to share my global perspective on education and careers with aspiring students in India. My objective was to provide students with guidance on study abroad and careers from specialists who have first-hand experience of what it means to earn a degree from a top school.

As a person, I am extremely passionate about education and believe that education is the greatest social equalizer, that anybody can fulfil their dream to study abroad; itʼs just a matter of grit, self-belief, starting early, and getting the right guidance. I therefore had the desire in me to assist students with their educational endeavors, which lead me to establish ReachIvy.

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