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2020 ReachIvy Scholarship

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Want to submit a strong application without spending on consultation charges? Let us help you!

If you believe you are a winner, ReachIvy will help you reach for the stars. Apply for the ReachIvy Scholarship to win free services!

Let us help you achieve your goals!

We give upto 10 scholarships per year for our services

What: The ReachIvy Scholarship gives its services(1 full application or mentorship) to 5 – 10 students free every year.

How: Apply here by 30th June to get the scholarship.

Important Note: This is not a scholarship for your college fees or tuition or expenses. This is a scholarship for ReachIvy’s consulting services to help students with mentorships/applications.

Scholarship Opened for 2020

Browse Past Winners:

2016 Winners

Anjali Mittal Intended Course: Ph.D.
Kaushik Mudda Intended Course: MBA
 Akshat Srivastava
Akshat Srivastava Intended Course: MBA (Business, Finance and Economics)
Vinay Kanchannapally
Vinay Kanchannapally Intended Course: MBA (Business, Finance and Economics)
Sudhir Gupta Intended Course: MBA (Business, Finance and Economics)