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Critical Action Points For Changing Your MBA Waitlist Status To Get Accepted

Posted on Apr 10, 2017
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Getting caught up in the tricky “waitlisted” situation can be unsettling, but it is definitely not the same as getting rejected. You still are a strong candidate. It is important to know that the reason behind the “waitlist” status can be anything – from being caught in a pool of highly competitive candidates to a certain Getting caught up in the tricky “waitlisted” situation can be unsettling, but it is definitely not the same as getting rejected. You still are a strong candidate. It is important to know that the reason behind the “waitlist” status can be anything – from being caught in a pool of highly competitive candidates to a certain loophole you havenʼt been able to identify as yet. Itʼs time to get proactive. Here is a list of the next steps to consider to change your waitlisted status to accepted.

1. Take an expert’s advice while reviewing your application: There’s a reason a person is called an “expert.” Getting an expert opinion might give you the complete picture. Have you missed out on something important? Is there a need to share a recent award or recognition you have achieved in a specific field? How about highlighting your role as a volunteer in an NGO? Did you mention that you have recently launched a new business? Don’t shy away from adding such significant achievements in your application. An expert can help you figure out the key components of your application.

2. Use the power of the “reasoning” tool:If you’ve made it till now, it means that you can reason out the facts. So, introspect and investigate on why you didn’t make it to the final list. Go through your application requirements, recommendations letters, or any other component of your application process that might have sent a weaker signal. Make a list of possible reasons and prioritize what you consider to be the biggest loopholes in your application. Identify which ones you can try to address through subsequent action and communication.
3.Understand the type of waitlist status you are on: There are two types of waitlist statuses – opt in and opt out. In the former, the admissions office requires you to send a response confirming whether you would like to stay on the waitlist. In the latter, the admissions committee automatically places you on the waitlist, and requires a response only if you would not like to be further considered. Read the waitlist letter carefully in order to ensure you take the next step correctly.

4. Ensure that you’ve followed each step cautiously: There’s a chance that if you’ve been waitlisted, you might have missed out on an important step in the application process. The top-tier schools provide a detailed summary of steps to be followed after being waitlisted. Go through it and see if you can update your application by adding an achievement like a promotion or an award that you may not have given weightage to earlier. Send an update regarding the same to show your eagerness,but refrain from over communicating. The guidelines and protocols vary significantly from college to college, so pay clear attention.

5. Send a thank you note and updates: Just a little gesture, but a genuine one. Send a thank you note to the school for considering your candidature, but be brief about it. The idea is to sound and be positive about the situation and show optimism about reaching so far. Periodically, you can write to your waitlist manager reiterating your passion for the school and its MBA program as well as your sincere eagerness to be its part. Share your success at work or extracurricular endeavors three to four weeks after you have received your waitlist status.

6. Get a new recommendation and/or letters of support: You can submit an extra recommendation letter or request an alumnus to send a letter of support. It is important that the alumnus knows you well not only in person, but also in terms of your academic prowess, professional background, and extracurricular achievements. Make sure you do not inundate the admissions office with updates and letters, but stagger them over multiple weeks.

7. Always keep a Plan B: While idealism can provide the necessary passion to attain a dream, realism keeps you grounded. So, being waitlisted means a 50-50 chance, and this means you need to have an actionable Plan B. Be very clean about your alternative if this one doesn’t work out – continue working or apply to more schools. Sometimes, success comes in through other doors you never knocked at. Continuing with the job and adding more experience might make you eligible for a better business school next time. Or opting for another school might put you in a better position professionally. So, do your best, and let destiny reveal its better plan.

An optimist views the waitlisted status as the last leg of the long race; a pessimist may take it as the end of his/her business school’s dreams. It is equally important to change your status from a pessimist to an optimist. Understand that business schools take time and make a final list after a set of people have opted out. So, just like it is called, “waiting” is the mantra you need to chant. Rather than brood over your situation, get the right waitlist strategy in place based on your profile and build a strong backup plan.

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This article was also published in MrSocialKeeda on 04/04/2017.

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